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Prices 2010 Prices are in NOK and incl.TAX

Rental of mobile homes, day 1.800,-
Rental of mobile homes, weekend, Friday-Sunday 4.100,-
Rental of mobile homes, long weekend, Thursday-Sunday 4.900,-
Rental of mobile homes, one week, 7d/6n 10.000,-
Rental of mobile homes, two weeks, 14d/13n 20.000,-
Rental of mobile homes, three week, 21d/20n 28.000,-


Minimum age 23 years

Smoking is banned in cars

Cancellation Fees:

If canceled more than 1 month before the lease start kr. 0, -

If canceled short of 1 month before the lease start kr. 2.000, -

Deposit and rental fee must be paid in full before the rental period starts.

Prices include VAT, unlimited mileage and insurance.

Rental of complete bed sets, pr. pers. per. lease  180,-
Rental of camping furniture  180,-
Rental of gas grill  100,-
Rental of bicycles  240,-
Washing the car after use  800,-
Tømming av toalett  300,-
Emptying the toilet  100,-
Delivery of the car at the airport, Oslo/Torp  500,-
Pick up car at airport, Oslo/Torp  500,-
Gas consumption fixed rate 220,-
Additional driver  0,-
Deposit 6.000,-
Maximum deductible by Car damage 7.500,-
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